Grafton – This morning brings news that Kimberly-Clark will be closing the Neenah Cold Spring and Neenah Nonwoven facilities. These moves are expected to eliminate hundreds of jobs in Wisconsin’s 6th District.

Dan Kohl has been critical of this tax bill since it was initially proposed. While supporting common-sense, bipartisan tax reform, it was clear from the beginning that too much of the benefits in this bill went to the very wealthy and the biggest corporations and not nearly enough to hard-working families. Recent surveys show that most analysts believe the corporate windfall will be used for stock buybacks and increased dividends, and only 2 percent of the American people have reported higher paychecks.

While frequently touting the latest corporate PR of one-time bonuses, Glenn Grothman stayed silent last week when Kimberly-Clark’s CFO Maria Henry said that the company’s tax bill windfall would be used to pay for a restructuring effort that we now know includes closure of these two Neenah facilities.

“By pursuing a partisan tax bill that disproportionately benefits the very wealthy and big corporations, Glenn Grothman once again put his party’s needs ahead of the people of Wisconsin’s 6th District.” said non-profit leader and business executive Dan Kohl “Those of us critical of this bill highlighted the relatively weak benefits for middle-class families, and the windfall being realized by the biggest corporations. That hundreds of families in the 6th District are currently wondering about their future because of layoffs paid for by this tax bill windfall falls directly on the shoulders of Glenn Grothman and his Republican colleagues. This is the latest example of their broken promises to the middle-class.”

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