Grafton – The last several days have brought a slew of breaking reports drawing in sharp relief partisan efforts to undermine a Special Counsel investigation focused on Russian involvement in the 2016 election, possible cooperation in that interference by American actors, and the possibility of ongoing efforts to obstruct the investigation.

Attention has now focused on the decision by House Republicans to release the so-called “Nunes memo” while denying the public the ability to read the Democratic Intelligence Committee minority statement. On January 24, Glenn Grothman did his party’s bidding and called for the release of the memo, saying he believed “the American people should be able to read it.” We now know that the FBI has “grave concerns,” highlighting “material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”

The alarm has been raised by many who view the memos’ contents as providing a convenient pretext for removing the Deputy AG overseeing the Special Counsel investigation. Any effort to remove Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein based on this misleading memo would do serious damage to the rule of law and risks thrusting the United States of America into a full-blown constitutional crisis.

“We send our representatives to Washington to represent the common good, uphold American democracy and fight for our safety. This means putting country ahead of all else, particularly in the sensitive realms of intelligence and national security.” said non-profit leader and business executive Dan Kohl

“The American people are searching for the truth about what exactly happened when Russia attacked our elections. Why are Glenn Grothman and his fellow Republicans in Congress putting narrow party interests above national security concerns, undermining the rule of law, and bringing this country to the brink of a constitutional crisis?”

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