Contact: Patrick McNulty, (262) 894-8531

Brookfield, WI – Democratic Senate candidate Julie Henszey filed her campaign’s
financial report this week, proving her reliance on donors outside of Wisconsin to
fund her election effort. Of the thousands of contributions received by Henszey, a
staggering 90 percent were from individuals residing outside of the state.
With over 5,000 of her donations coming from states such as California, New York,
and Colorado, Julie Henszey is relying on out-of-state liberals to buy her seat in
Madison and fund her latest smear tactics.

“It’s telling when 90 percent of your donors come from outside of Wisconsin.
Clearly, the voters of this district do not buy into her policies so she looks to those
outside of the state to fund her efforts,” said Patrick McNulty, campaign manager for
Dale Kooyenga.

“Our constituents are turned off by the dirty mail attacks from her third party allies
in Washington, D.C. and this further proves she is out of touch with the district she
aims to represent.”

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