[Brookfield, WI] – In an interview with Vicki McKenna on WISN, State Senate Candidate Dale Kooyenga explained how this is the election of results, not rhetoric. Kooyenga spoke about educational reforms, significant investments in science and technology programs, and the example Wisconsin is setting for the rest of the nation.

On 2010 vs. Now: 
“The black graduation rate in Wisconsin when Doyle was in office was 60 percent. Today, it’s 67 percent. The Hispanic graduation rate has gone from 69 percent to 80 percent. I could go on and on, Vicki, across every single metric in Wisconsin where we were at then and where we’re at today.”

On Education: 
“Wisconsin students are going to be so much more competent than the rest of the country because we’ve invested in programs in our high schools, like robotics programs, new Fab Labs, and STEM programs that were never invested in before at these levels.”

On Foxconn: 
“Universities are already tailoring programs to this industry. It’s more likely that our kids are going to stay right here in Wisconsin, and all these kids you see right now in robotics clubs are going to be working in Wisconsin on the next generation of technologies because of what we’ve done.”

On Civil Discourse: 
“There’s an assault on our values and it’s coming from the west and east coast. It’s strong and it’s the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those types of aggressive tactics are coming after us because they just can’t stand this tale of two states and what we have done in Wisconsin.”

On Moving Wisconsin Forward: 
“Conservative policies work. If we have another four years of leadership under Governor Walker, a Republican State Senate, and a Republican State Assembly you’re going to see even greater progress on all these fronts.”

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