Brookfield, WI — Fifth Senate District candidate Dale Kooyenga announced today the endorsement of four prominent leaders ranging across the entire political spectrum.

“We have achieved success by dealing with problems from a practical, ‘let’s get it done’ approach”, says Kooyenga. “Our broad support shows that we work with all Wisconsin residents on the issues that are most important to them. We will continue to put results over rhetoric and progress over partisanship.”

State Senator Alberta Darling
“I have had the privilege of working side by side with Dale on the Joint Committee on Finance. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, is a natural problem solver, and cares deeply about the future of our state. He is a great man of character and the people of Wisconsin should be proud to have him represent them in the legislature.”

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele
“Dale doesn’t waste people’s time looking for fights and enemies. He focuses on solutions and will work with anyone to get them done if they advance our state. When I approached Dale about helping us operate Child Support more effectively for the County, he worked hard to build consensus around a solution which lead to a unanimous vote on the Joint Committee on Finance. Every Democrat and every Republican in support of it. That’s leadership. That’s Dale.”

Katherine Gehl, President and CEO of Gehl Foods, Policy Activist
“I am proud to be working with Dale to fix our broken political system. His leadership and independent political courage is exactly what we need from our elected officials.”

Tim Peterson, former U.S. Senate Libertarian Candidate
“Dale is my favorite State Representative. We need more members of our legislature that understand fiscal restraint, economic freedom, and social tolerance. His ability to listen to a broad range of opinions is what sets him apart.”

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