August 7, 2018

For Immediate Release:

Andy Lamb, Democratic Candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly 23, is pleased to announce that his candidacy has received the endorsement of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. In making its announcement, they stated:

“At the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, we want all union members and working people to participate in democracy and vote. We’ve researched candidates and made recommendations on who will best represent Wisconsin’s working people.… Endorsements are based on who will best fight for and uphold the values of working people in Wisconsin.”

To read more from the WI AFL-CIO, go to

Andy was previously endorsed by the Amalgamated Transit Union 998, which stated “We know that your commitment to organized labor and good family sustaining jobs is a top priority and we thank you for that.”[i]

Mr. Lamb states: “My focus in this campaign has been to get the endorsement of the voters in the 23rd District, and those I get by personal contact. But my first job was as a union steelworker, I have sat on both sides of the labor table during my career, and I believe organized labor benefits the economy. Thus these endorsements are very special to me.”

To read Andy’s views on organized labor go to

For more information, contact Andy Lamb at

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