Contact: George Aldrich,

MILWAUKEE, WI – Leadership MKE, the recently formed political group that supports candidates who are committed to making Milwaukee a better place to work, live and raise a family, announced this morning they will be actively supporting 14 candidates running for local office across Milwaukee County for the April 3rd election.

“Leadership MKE is proud to support these outstanding candidates running for local office,” said George Aldrich, Executive Director of Leadership MKE. “Milwaukee County residents have a real opportunity on April 3rd to elect new candidates who will bring fresh ideas to local government. Milwaukee needs strong leaders at every level of government who are willing to work together to address our challenges. We believe that electing these candidates across the county will usher in a new wave of fresh progressive leadership that will help Milwaukee County move forward.”

Leadership MKE will be supporting the following candidates this election:

Dan Bukiewicz, Oak Creek Mayor
Jessica Carpenter, Shorewood Village Trustee
James Davies, Milwaukee County Board District 8
McKenzie Edmonds, Shorewood Village Trustee
Robert Hansen, Greenfield School Board
Michelle Haugen, Greenfield School Board
Patti Logsdon, Milwaukee County Board District 9
Felesia Martin, Milwaukee County Board District 7
Wanda Montgomery, Brown Deer Village Trustee
Richard Moze, Greenfield School Board
Leah Schreiber Johnson, Oak Creek-Franklin School Board
Casey Shorts, Milwaukee County Board District 1
Sylvia Velez Ortiz, Milwaukee County Board District 12
Paul Zovic, Shorewood Village President

Leadership MKE supported candidates have already scored significant primary victories. James Davies easily won his three-way primary, earning 45%, while the second place and third place candidates received 29% and 25% of the vote respectively. In the eight-way primary for Oak Creek Franklin Schools, Leah Schreiber Johnson earned a strong third place finish and is well positioned to win one of the three school board positions in April.

Leadership MKE is a new, civic minded organization dedicated to supporting dynamic candidates for local political office that are committed to making their community, and all of Milwaukee County, a better place to work, live and raise a family. Additional information about Leadership MKE can be found on their website,

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