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MILWAUKEE, WI – Leadership MKE today publicly launched their campaign dedicated to supporting dynamic candidates for local political office that are committed to making Milwaukee a better place to work, live and raise a family.

Leadership MKE will focus on numerous elections this Spring, including several Milwaukee County Board campaigns, local mayor races, and potentially some suburban school board and trustee elections.

The organization’s platform is focused on continuing Milwaukee County’s growth through sustainable investments in social services, including investing in public safety services to make our communities safer, County Parks to ensure a high quality of life for all residents, public transit to connect workers to jobs, and local infrastructure projects to grow and attract new businesses across Milwaukee.

George Aldrich, a lifelong resident of Milwaukee County and veteran of numerous Democratic campaigns, will lead the organization as Executive Director.

“As a lifelong resident of Milwaukee County, I hear every day from people who are concerned about the direction Milwaukee County is headed,” said George Aldrich. “Milwaukee is a great place to work, live, and raise a family, but the cuts to public safety, County Parks, public transit, and local infrastructure projects are endangering the progress we are making as a community. The people of Milwaukee are more concerned about citizenship, not partisanship. Leadership MKE is proud to support candidates who are willing to work together with diverse leaders and focus on solutions to the challenges we all face.

Leadership MKE was established as an independent expenditure committee, meaning it is registered with the State of Wisconsin, and will publicly report all expenditures and all contributions.  The initial finance report will show that Chris Abele has provided some initial seed money to the organization.

“Unlike many other political organizations, Leadership MKE is committed to being 100% transparent with our sources of funding because we believe in our mission, we believe that local government needs new, fresh ideas, and we believe in making Milwaukee a better place to live, work and raise a family”

Additional information about Leadership MKE can be found on their website,

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