Brad Wojciechowski

Green Bay — In case his constituents didn’t notice yesterday, Rep. Gallagher had a no good, very bad Thursday afternoon. Here’s a timeline of event (all times Eastern as to reflect Recorded Vote Time):

2:11 p.m.: Representative Gallagher voted in favor of giving the President Carte Blanche Authority and spending for his unnecessary Wall on our Southern border while allowing our government to continue their policy of separating and incarcerating children and infants from their parents.

He then lectures his constituents through a press release about decency and civility.

3:59 p.m.: Representative Gallagher votes in favor of the 2018 Farm Bill that includes reduction to school lunch funding and SNAP benefits for our most vulnerable citizens across Northeast Wisconsin and America.

Mike Gallagher showed his true colors yesterday, by voting lock-step with President Trump’s agenda.

Beau Liegeois replied, “As your next congressman, I will be a check on the president’s authority, no matter the party. The only thing that matters is putting the people of Northeast Wisconsin first, by listening to them and taking our values to Washington. This is what Washington chaos looks like. Where is the leadership?

Mike Gallagher no longer represents our values in Washington, and he needs to be replaced in November.”

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