Contact: Brad Wojciechowski

Green Bay — President Donald Trump is visiting Wisconsin today to celebrate a $4 billion dollar taxpayer giveaway that was awarded to a foreign company, while his tax and trade policies cripple Wisconsin’s manufacturing and dairy industries.

Recent reports in the New York Times, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel focus on the negative impacts of Donald Trump’s Trade policy.

Beau Liegeois, candidate for Congress (WI-08), had this to say, “This administration’s trade policies continue to hurt Wisconsin workers. Dairy farmers are struggling to make ends meet and now Harley-Davidson is shipping hundreds of jobs overseas. This is not a strategy, they are randomly picking and choosing which companies they want to succeed. We need a strategy to keep manufacturing jobs in the state and give our dairy farms the support they need. The president needs to stop tweeting about Wisconsin jobs and start defending them. The last thing our exporters need is a trade war.”

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