Brad Wojciechowski

Green Bay — The following is a statement from Beau Liegeois, candidate for U.S. Congress on Mike Gallagher’s Save the Bay Event.

If Congressman Gallagher wants to hear what his constituents think about the water quality in the district, he should hold an open, public town hall in the tradition of our founding fathers. Every American should be able to drink the water coming out of their kitchen faucet. If he wants to learn more about the attack on our waterways, he needs to look no further than the mine proposal on Menominee River and Foxconn’s proposal to divert millions of gallons of water out of Lake Michigan.     

Wisconsin is known for its lakes and rivers, and we all depend on safe drinking water for our children and families. Wisconsin’s waters are facing major threats from corporate farms and other polluters. As an avid fisherman, I will fight tirelessly in Washington to protect our clean water. We cannot depend on Mike Gallagher to serve the best interests of Northeast Wisconsin.

I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’ve fished these waters with my dad growing up. I understand the crises facing Wisconsin’s water, and I want to fight for the people who raised me.

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