Contact: Garren Randolph,

MILWAUKEE COUNTY – Today, right-wing acting sheriff Richard Schmidt accused retired police captain and Major League Baseball security executive Earnell Lucas of mocking law enforcement professionals by running for Sheriff. In March 2017, Lucas, who has over 40 years of law enforcement and public safety experience, launched his campaign to restore honor, integrity and trust to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Garren Randolph, campaign manager for Lucas for Milwaukee, issued the following response:

“Schmidt’s false attacks are indicative of a desperate campaign going negative,” said Randolph. “While Lucas’ campaign is gaining momentum by picking up endorsements from organized labor, elected officials and the Democratic Party, Schmidt is frantically trying to divert attention from his eight years of mismanaging the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

“Schmidt was in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Office as seven people died in the jail. Schmidt also oversaw an office that wasted taxpayer dollars while providing fewer services to our community. Schmidt was either complicit with the failed policies of the previous sheriff or lacks the courage to stand up for the citizens of Milwaukee County. Either one makes him unqualified to serve as the next Milwaukee County Sheriff.

“Lucas is a decorated law enforcement executive and highly respected public safety professional. Lucas’ experiences include partnering with law enforcement and public safety officials from around the country and around the world. In his time in the Milwaukee Police Department, he commanded a district that formed coalitions with stakeholders to reduce crime and improve community relations. While at baseball, he has led operations to ensure the safety of over 75 million fans and the integrity of our national pastime. When elected, Lucas will fulfill all responsibilities and duties entrusted to him as the next Milwaukee County Sheriff.

“Schmidt’s mockery of Lucas, a law enforcement professional who has nearly given his life serving and protecting us, is an affront to all who have worn the badge and made the ultimate sacrifice for our community.”

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