CONTACT: Lucas For Milwaukee
(414) 215-9665

“Today, Governor Walker decided to leave it up to the voters of Milwaukee County to elect their next Sheriff. Milwaukee County now has an opportunity to elect a Sheriff with the vision to move beyond the failed policies of the past and restore honor and integrity to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department.

“Milwaukee County can look to a leader with fresh, new and innovative solutions to the
problems plaguing the Sheriff’s Department that have led to an out of control budget, costly litigation and a loss of taxpayers’ dollars. Since launching my campaign for Sheriff, I am carrying a message of collaboration, partnership and cooperation to voters all across Milwaukee County to make us strong and safe.

“My experience working with law enforcement, public safety and government officials around the country and world provides me with knowledge, judgment and leadership to move Milwaukee County forward. I am working to earn your trust and vote in August and November 2018, to become your next Milwaukee County Sheriff.”

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