Contact: Lucas For Milwaukee

“It’s time to move forward and start a new chapter in the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. Our citizens have had enough of the costly litigation, wasted taxpayers’ dollars and failures to respect human dignity. They want a Sheriff whose only focus is making our community strong and safe.

“A lack of accountability for decisions made by those in charge have led us to where we are today. This August, the citizens of Milwaukee County have a choice to make: to continue with the failed policies and leadership of the past or commit to a fresh, new start.

“I have experience working with law enforcement and government officials around the country and the world and am prepared to address the issues plaguing our community. The leadership in the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office has far too long overlooked problems like mass incarceration, opioid addiction and hopelessness.

“It’s time for a change. We need fresh, new and visionary leadership in Milwaukee County. We need to elect a Sheriff with the experience, judgment and leadership to hold the men and women of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office to the highest ethical and moral standards and keep us safe. I am working to earn your trust and vote on August 14th to become the next Milwaukee County Sheriff.”

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