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Last night, the MPO voted to shift the federal funds away from the County Highway AB
reconstruction. This was done at the city’s request, to avoid losing the federal funding altogether. I did not think that the region’s federal transportation funding should be at risk in this policy dispute. My 2019 Capital budget proposal will backfill the loss of federal funding with local funds.

There is a long history of heated negotiations over the issue of jurisdictional transfer. I, along with other municipal officials, have been seeking a reexamination of the counties’ policy for years. Until recently, municipalities were largely powerless in these negotiations. I am pleased that there now seems to be an interest in coming to the table over this. However, this policy cannot change
in a matter of weeks. While discussions get underway, I am proposing additional city funds to make sure this county highway is rebuilt. I am hoping the county will suspend its current approach, and together we will get this road built for our residents without preconditions.

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