JUNE 5, 2018 – Mike McCabe’s Principle Over Party campaign today released its latest campaign video, which was shot during a recent campaign swing through Eau Claire. The video focuses on the kind of change Mike is working for and on the extensive grassroots network the campaign has built, with well over 2,100 volunteers working all across the state to reach out to voters.
“Not taking any single donation over $200 and not selling out to wealthy interests means we won’t have the most money. But with the citizen army we’ve enlisted, ours is by far the richest campaign when it comes to people power,” campaign manager Christine Welcher said.
The video was made by Scott Kunkel, a talented twenty-something from Eau Claire who is embarking on a career as a videographer and video production entrepreneur. Scott mostly has done promotional work for rock bands and other musical acts. He had never produced any kind of political advertising until the McCabe campaign’s debut video that was launched last October. That introductory video was shot on the day Mike announced his candidacy from the farm where he grew up and at a local cafe in his hometown of Curtiss. It got to the heart of why he is running for governor and offered a glimpse of his vision for Wisconsin.
“Our campaign is about breaking the mold, so the last thing we wanted was a cookie-cutter approach to campaign videos. We weren’t scared off by the fact Scott had never done political advertising. We were drawn to him for that very reason,” Welcher said.


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