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August 15, 2018 – Mike McCabe and his People Powered campaign fell short of their goal during Tuesday’s election, but they remained upbeat and extremely proud of their accomplishments. Since the kick off in September 2017, the campaign has worked to inspire and engage people around the state who felt ignored and forgotten. The fruits of those efforts were seen in the level of dedication and determination shown by grassroots supporters at events, forums and while canvassing.

Since September the campaign has:
– Traveled over 100,000 miles around the state.
– Had over 3,000 people around the state volunteering in some capacity.
– Had 483 people around the state step up for local leadership roles.
– Built a 93,000-person database from scratch.
– Raised over $330,500 in 3449 donations of $200 or less.

In a statement to his supporters Tuesday night, Mike said, “Words usually come pretty easily to me. Not now. Words fail when I try to describe how blown away I am by the faith and dedication and passion and farm-worthy hard work of thousands of volunteers who took ownership of this campaign to bring change to Wisconsin. In a democracy, citizens have a duty to be engaged in the political process. You all have gone way, way beyond that call of duty. Your efforts inspired me and lifted me up whenever I was feeling down, and never failed to re-energize me when I was weary. Your response to my candidacy and the campaign we carried out together is what I imagined in my wildest dreams but never honestly expected to see fully materialize in real life. Our campaign far exceeded any expectations I had. I am so proud of what we’ve done together. I am so thankful to you for putting yourself out there and pouring everything you had into this amazing journey we’ve taken together. I owe you a debt of gratitude I will never be able to repay, and you have left imprints on my soul that will never fade away.”

Mike’s messaged continued with, “We may have lost, but we did not fail. Our movement has just started.”

Mike made several attempts to contact Tony Evers Tuesday night to congratulate him and give his support, but was only able to leave a message. In closing Mike encouraged his supporters to stay active, engaged and continue to fight for our Wisconsin values and a seat at the table.

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