Christine Welcher
Campaign Manager
Phone: 608-279-2733
Email address: [email protected]

Last week, thousands of Wisconsinites voted for a People’s Champion, and helped narrow the Wisconsin’s Choice field of gubernatorial candidates from nine to four! Mike McCabe and his People Powered Campaign made it to the final four.

“Making the final four has everything to do with the more than 2,100 volunteers from every part of Wisconsin who have come out of the woodwork to power our campaign and take matters into our own hands to upend crooked politics and straighten out the directions of our state,” said Mike McCabe.

As a finalist for Wisconsin’s Choice, McCabe also pledged, “I pledge to support the People’s Champion who will fight for our shared values and the People of Wisconsin.” McCabe, who would not make a pledge to support a generic candidate with a “D” behind their name, will support the final nominee, if it is not himself, as long as they pledge to fight for progressive values and principles putting those above their alliance to a political party.

In closing McCabe stated, “A new governor can and will be elected in 2018, but only if what’s best for all of Wisconsin is put ahead of party loyalty and the wishes of those at the very top who make a regular habit of giving mammoth donations to those seeking public office. After August 14, regardless of the outcome of the primary election, whether I win or lose, I will keep working to shake up and transform the political system that serves those at the top so well and will do everything in my power to get regular people in the driver’s seat of our government.”

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