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(Oconomowoc, WI)—Conservative Waukesha Circuit Court Branch 12 candidate Jack Melvin has enlisted the support fellow-Army National Guard Member and Wisconsin’s longest serving Governor, Tommy G. Thompson, in his bid to earn the trust of voters in the April 3rd election:

“Jack Melvin has served and sacrificed for our country, earning both my immediate respect and support in his effort to serve as Waukesha’s next Circuit Court judge,” said former Gov. Tommy G. Thompson. “Jack Melvin is a fellow member of the Army National Guard, his three overseas tours of duty have best-prepared him for the rigors of the courtroom. I trust Jack Melvin to apply, not interpret the law(s), and become a part of the proud tradition of outstanding conservative Waukesha Judges.”

Gov. Thompson’s endorsement of Jack Melvin comes with than less-than-three weeks to go before the April 3rd election. Absentee ballots are currently being mailed and early voting begins starting late next week, varying by community, click here to request an absentee ballot or visit your local clerk to vote early.

“Gov. Tommy Thompson is a true Wisconsin legend, with an indelible record of public service and a strong record of appointing rule of law, conservative judges,” said Jack Melvin, conservative candidate for Waukesha Circuit Court. “Gov. Thompson served as a strong conservative role model for me and countless others who enjoyed and appreciated his success as governor. Gov. Thompson’s confidence in me is a genuine honor.”

In 1986, after a twenty-year career in the assembly, Thompson won the GOP nomination for governor and then the general election, becoming the state’s 42nd Governor. Gov. Thompson spent three and a half terms as governor, delivering key policy innovations in areas like school choice and welfare reform that became the blueprint for reform adopted across the country. In 2000 he accepted an offer from President George W. Bush to serve as the Secretary of Health and Human Services, stepping down in 2005 to focus on business and public policy interests.

Recently, Melvin earned the support of Gov. Scott Walker and other notable judicial conservatives, including Justice David Prosser as well as Waukesha legislators from all corners of the county. The list of endorsees includes:

App. Court Judge Mark Gundrum

Judge Michael Aprahamian Judge Mary Lazar

Judge Mike Maxwell

Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald Rep. Joel Kleefisch

Finance Co-Chair Alberta Darling Rep. Adam Neylon

Sen. Steve Nass Rep. Chuck Wichgers

Melvin, 44 resides in Oconomowoc with his wife and two daughters and currently serves as Governor Walker’s appointee to the Wisconsin Division of Gaming as the Division Administrator. Prior to joining the administration, Melvin managed litigation at QBE North America (the former-General Casualty Insurance) for nearly 12 years, prior, he was in private practice.

Melvin takes great pride in his service to the country, delivering 40 months of active duty of which 35 months were spent overseas as a member of the Wisconsin National Guard at the rank of Major. Melvin’s most-recent deployment was to Iraq in 2016 as a member of the Wisconsin unit that augmented the famed “Screaming Eagle” 101st Airborne Division. Melvin served as the Division’s Operational Law Attorney in the effort to help Iraq expel ISIS from its borders.

His previous deployment came a little over a year prior (2014) with the headquarters detachment of Wisconsin’s 32nd Infantry Brigade in Jordan, aiding in its protection from the ISIS-fueled civil war embroiling neighboring Syria. Jack’s first deployment was in 2008 when has was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Egypt as part of the counter terrorism and anti-piracy efforts in the Middle-East.

As a member of the Guard’s JAG (Judge Advocate General Corp), Melvin has had a very diverse practice, handling environmental issues, estate planning, military justice, law of war and more. Melvin is currently assigned to Joint Force Headquarters in Madison where his duties include serving as the lead prosecutor for crimes committed by members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard.

As a civil litigator, Jack has managed lawsuits against General Casualty insureds throughout the nation. Jack has appeared in courts from Rhode Island to Washington State as the corporate representative of General Casualty and it’s insured. From those experiences, he has learned a great deal about the varied methods of court operations and judicial styles that he hopes to bring to the Waukesha bench.

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