Contact: Jill Millies
May 22, 2018

Big Bend, WI—Jill Millies turns in over 2300 nomination signatures for State Treasurer on the Republican ticket.

“I’m excited to announce I was able to turn in over 2300 nomination signatures with the help of family and all the friends we got the chance to meet along the way! I was given a lot of keen insight on peoples concerns for the Treasurers office.” said Jill Millies

“I think she would make a fine State Treasurer. Jill Millies is a conservative Republican with common sense, who wants to bring back the auditing function to the office. Helping to restore accountability in government, ” said her husband Dan Millies.

Jill pledges to work with Madison lawmakers to help them fix the broken office of State Treasurer. “The office has slowly been dismantled over the past 20 years, but voters rejected its elimination this spring. Now it will take some time to make the office functional again,” said Jill.

“If elected as Treasurer, I will be one of three votes on the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands. I will vote to reduce the 77,000 acres of land it currently owns and manages. I see no reason why private individuals and business can’t own and manage this land just as well,” said Jill. Putting some of this land back on the property tax roles would be beneficial to all Wisconsin residents.”

Jill Millies started working at McDonalds doing accounting. She changed careers to put her creative talent to work as a florist for the last 37 years, giving her more time at home as a single Mom to raise her son Robert. Over the years, she managed The Flower Shoppe in Menomonee Falls and Buds ‘N Blum in Milwaukee. She married into the Millies family back in November, 2008 which owns Edgewood Golf Course (36 holes) in Big Bend, WI. located in southern Waukesha county.

This is Jill’s first step into the world of state politics. With the help of Wisconsin Voters, Jill will be the next State of Wisconsin Treasurer.

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