Alderwoman Chantia Lewis

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The Community and Economic Development Committee on Wednesday recommended for approval legislation that would create a Crime Stoppers program within the City of Milwaukee and appropriate $2,500 in seed money for the program.

The resolution (Council file #180352) directs appropriate city officials to enter into an agreement with Crime Stoppers for the creation of the city-wide program. The $2,500 in seed money would come from the Community and Economic Development Committee fund.

The legislation now goes to the full Common Council for consideration at its June 20 meeting at City Hall. Alderwoman Chantia Lewis – the author of the legislation – said Milwaukee Crime Stoppers has agreed to establish a Crime Stoppers program within the City of Milwaukee.

“This would be a win-win-win for the citizens of Milwaukee and I’m pretty sure that my colleagues agree,” Alderwoman Lewis said. ”The program has been hugely successful across Wisconsin and other states as it offers the opportunity for average citizens to anonymously fight crime and receive cash rewards while doing so.”

Since 1990 local Wisconsin Crime Stoppers have accounted for 7,435 arrests solving 7,945 outstanding cases, recovered $2.6 million in stolen property and confiscated $5.3 million in narcotics. A total of $732,000 was paid to individuals providing information anonymously to solve those cases.

Milwaukee Crime Stoppers is a non-profit and tax-exempt charitable organization, governed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of volunteers interested in assisting law enforcement agencies in their ongoing efforts to detect and prevent crime.

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