Statement by Alderman Michael J. Murphy

November 15, 2018

I wholeheartedly applaud the Food and Drug Administration’s announcement of plans to
ban menthol cigarettes and many flavored small cigars, while restricted sales of sweet-
flavored electronic cigarette liquid.

The lax approach thus far in sales of these types of products is not a matter of
consumer choice but rather a public health crisis when you consider millions of e-
cigarette users are under the age of 18. The below article points to even more alarming

This latest move by the federal government further reinforces the dangers of these
flavored tobacco products, whose users are far too often children. This policy move also
echoes my sentiments in sponsoring resolutions that ban the sale of e-cigarettes to
minors, prohibit use of e-cigarettes on City of Milwaukee property and forbid use of e-
cigarettes public places where state law currently bans smoking.

I was very encouraged last May and June when my colleagues on the Common Council
unanimously passed this public health package. And I am very encouraged today by
this news from the FDA.

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