The arrest by Milwaukee Police of a 25-year-old man on Wednesday in the 7th District near N. 51st St. and W. Capitol Dr. raises many questions for me.

The man’s violent struggle with multiple police officers during the arrest was captured on video by several witnesses, and it is very difficult to watch. Yesterday Police Chief Morales announced that three officers involved in the arrest have been placed on administrative duty and one officer involved is under administrative suspension.

Like many I am disturbed by the number of blows that were administered to the man by officers during the arrest and I will be looking to gather more information about this from MPD. I will be asking about standard operating procedures and whether they were followed in this case, and I will also be asking about the specifics of this entire situation (the response, attempts to calm the man/de-escalate).

With our recent history of MPD officers using force and questionable judgment against citizens (Dontre Hamilton, Sylville Smith, body cavity searches, etc.), incidents like this one continue to erode an already fragile relationship between the police and the community.

My thoughts are with all who were injured — the officers and the man — and I wish them all a full recovery.

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