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Milwaukee, WI — Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander is calling on the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) to withdraw its endorsement of Sparkle Ashley.

Sparkle Ashley is running for Milwaukee County’s 18th District, seeking to unseat Supervisor Alexander on April 3rd. Ashley has a history of harassing others:

-Ashley encouraged police officers to commit suicide and has repeatedly used the phrase “F*** the Police” in public online postings.
-Ashley self-disclosed in writing that she has been pulled over by police for using her middle finger to flip off Milwaukee drivers when changing lanes.
-As a suspect approached by police, she has become loud and belligerent, yelling “F*** you,” and resisting arrest, ending in a disorderly conduct conviction.
-Ashley self-disclosed in writing that she physically assaulted a woman by choking her in a public restroom and had no remorse for doing so.

“We expect teachers to set good examples and be role models for our children. As a parent, a child welfare advocate, and the author of Milwaukee County’s anti-bullying resolution, I am disgusted and concerned that we have teachers’ groups backing a candidate that boasted about physically attacking people and promoting suicide,” said Alexander.

Alexander noted that the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) has nothing to do with Milwaukee County Government, and Milwaukee County has no oversight of Milwaukee Public Schools, yet the MTEA is endorsing Ashley for a position of public leadership.

Alexander, a licensed foster parent and child welfare advocate with a proven track record of supporting public safety and speaking out against bullying, is supported by Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl, Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, and the Retired Deputy Sheriffs’ Association.

Alexander and Ashley will face off in the April 3rd election.

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