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MILWAUKEE – The Committee on Transportation, Public Works and Transit urged the Transportation Department today to seek federal funding for adding battery-powered electric buses to the county’s fleet, which currently has none.

“This is an excellent opportunity to pilot the use of zero-emission battery electric buses, add new vehicles to our fleet, and reduce our costs,” said County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr.

“Applying for federal funding will help modernize our fleet, reduce emissions, and save the county money – money that could go towards other projects,” said Supervisor John F. Weishan, Jr., Chair of the Transportation Committee.

Electric buses purchased with the funds could potentially service the new East-West Bus Rapid Transit project, currently under development.

The federal “Low-No” grant program is an annual competitive grant currently funded at $84 million. Applications for the grant are due by June 18 

The Low-No program is geared towards deploying new production vehicles into service, and prioritizes buses with the lowest energy consumption and least harmful emissions.

The Low-No grant also provides funding for associated infrastructure, such as electrical charging stations.

Milwaukee County would be required to provide matching funds of 15% if any grant money is awarded.

The Transportation Committee recommended adoption of Chairman Lipscomb’s resolution (5-0), which will be heard by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors on June 21.

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