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MILWAUKEE – Supervisor Anthony Staskunas joined several colleagues on the Milwaukee County Board who have expressed their opposition to paid parking in Milwaukee County parks. Staskunas said he opposes creating obstacles for people to enjoy our parks.

“After listening to my constituents and studying the preliminary work done by the pay-to-park workgroup, I am opposed to charging for parking in Milwaukee County parks.  We should be looking at strategies to increase the use and enjoyment of Milwaukee County parks, rather than exploring proposals with the potential to limit usage, which is what I believe the pay-to-park proposal would do. We certainly need innovative ideas for generating new revenue, but we shouldn’t be creating obstacles for all people to enjoy our public parks,” said Staskunas

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele included his pay-to-park proposal in his 2018 Recommended Budget, saying it would net $1.6 million in annual revenue, after enforcement costs.

Supervisors amended the 2018 county budget to require a separate County Board vote on a final plan, and a public hearing on the proposal.

Details of the plan, including which parks would be included, and how much to charge per hour, were not included in the County Executive’s budget proposal.

Supervisor Staskunas, a former state legislator, represents Greendale and portions of Greenfield, Franklin, and West Allis on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.

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