Contact: Shyla Deacon – Communications Secretary 414-939-3367

MILWAUKEE-Democratic Party Milwaukee County Chair Christopher Walton called on the Republican Party of Milwaukee County to clearly state who are they with in regards to the blast of attacks recently from Republican state leadership attacking Dane and Milwaukee Counties as not part of Wisconsin.

“Speaker Vos, Joe Nygren and the Republican Party of Wisconsin have all recently attacked Milwaukee County and its voters. Because they didn’t earn our votes they seem to feel that we, along with Dane county, do not matter and are not part of Wisconsin.

As a fellow Chair of a Milwaukee County political party I would think that despite our political differences that we should be able to agree that Milwaukee County is a vitally important part of the State of Wisconsin and that these attacks to delegitimize Milwaukee are simply foolish and unnecessary.

We are calling on the Republican Party of Milwaukee County to stand up to this Milwaukee bashing from Speaker Vos, Joe Nygren, and the Republican Party of Wisconsin and acknowledge that Milwaukee is indeed part of Wisconsin; geographically, culturally, economically, and politically. If these facts cannot be accepted, please close up shop because you do not support Milwaukee County voters or, by extension, the well-being of the State of Wisconsin.

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