Contact: Brian Rothgery

414-278-4230 or [email protected]

MILWAUKEE – Supervisors Sylvia Ortiz-Velez, Sequanna Taylor, Jason Haas, James Schmitt, Marcelia Nicholson, Marina Dimitrijevich, Steven Shea, and Felisa A. Martin released the following joint statement regarding federal immigration policy today.

“Although President Trump has signed an executive order reversing his own flawed “zero tolerance” policy of separating children from their families, damage has already been done.

“Now there are still unanswered questions about when and how the children who were cruelly separated will be re-united with their parents and how the pain and trauma of this will affect them going forward in their lives.

“We call on the Trump administration to follow the Flores Settlement Agreement (as is) and release all children and their families currently in detention facilities.

“We must also acknowledge that this isn’t just happening at the border, it’s also happening right here in Milwaukee County. Separating families is cruel and is completely contradictory to our American values.”

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