Milwaukee’s comprehensive approach to improve learning from birth to 5-years-old
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MILWAUKEE (November 1, 2018) –Milwaukee Public Schools, in collaboration with the City of Milwaukee and other public and private partners, announces a new initiative and call to action to improve early childhood education. Ninety-five percent of a child’s brain development occurs in the first five years, the timeframe that is the focus of this initiative.
“As a community, we must answer the question of how we are positively influencing each those first five years in every child in the city,” Superintendent Dr. Posley said. “A child does not create the conditions and opportunities that he or she is born into – as a community, we do and we can change those conditions. Building a strong foundation sets the stage for ambitious instruction.”
That is why MPS and the City are joining together to build on past momentum and push forward with the MKE Early Childhood Initiative. The City of Milwaukee has hired a qualified individual to help spearhead early childhood literacy work. MPS is working with childcare partners to see how Milwaukee can create consistency of high quality learning experiences from birth-to-5 that improves literacy but also supports social emotional development.
Focus of the initiative:
1)    Ensuring every Milwaukee family has access to high-quality childcare
2)    Improving MPS early literacy scores
3)    Increasing state reimbursement rates for day care centers
4)    Leveraging resources to ensure a high-quality learning experience from daycare to school
The City of Milwaukee and MPS are seeking partners to join in this effort. Interested parties should contact the MPS Office of Academics at 414-777-7806 or Ptosha Davis at the City of Milwaukee at 414-286-3272, or
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