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MILWAUKEE – Over the past year, the MPS Administration has ignored MPS substitute teachers’ cries for restoring healthcare benefits. Last Thursday, May 3 at the MPS Budget Hearing, MTEA Substitute Teacher President, Alex Brower announced the beginning of a hunger strike until the MPS School Board allocates funding for healthcare benefits for all full-time MPS substitute teachers.

MTEA Substitute Teacher President, Alex Brower released the following statement:

“MPS asks substitute teachers to gamble with their health and well-being every day by failing to provide us with healthcare benefits. It is unconscionable that this administration released a budget that fails to fund healthcare benefits for all full-time substitute teachers.

“MPS has left us no choice. This hunger strike is one of the last forms of resistance we have left to remedy this district’s moral crisis.

“When regular classroom educators are temporarily absent, substitute teachers are ready at a moments notice to ensure that every child continues to have a quality education. Substitute teachers are simply asking for the same basic human dignity that MPS educators, MPS administrators, and even MPS School Board Directors are afforded–healthcare.

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