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January 4, 2017


Lis Smith, 224-567-9062

Mahlon Mitchell Releases First Digital Ad in Campaign for Governor: “Real Lasting Change”

Ad to Run Statewide

Today, Mahlon Mitchell’s campaign for governor began running its first digital ad, a spot called “Real Lasting Change.”

You can view the spot here:

The ad emphasizes Mitchell’s message of change, as well as the leadership skills he built as a 20-year firefighter. He will bring that leadership to Madison to make Wisconsin work for all of our people with good-paying jobs, affordable health care, and better schools.

The ad will be running statewide on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Twenty years ago when I got my dream job at the Madison Fire Department, I never once thought I’d be standing in front of you today.

As firefighters and paramedics, we respond to those on the worst days of their lives. And when they’re at their worst, we have to be at our best.

One of our mantras is all hands working. Everybody on the scene is doing something to stabilize it; to make the lives of our community just hopefully a little bit better for that time. I think we need to take this mantra to the state level.

After eight years it’s clear that if we want real leadership in Madison, we need a change.

I know it won’t be easy, but you know what’s hard? A single mother in Kenosha who needed to trade in her car just so that she can afford her health care premiums. That’s hard. It’s the single mother in Eau Claire whose daughter sleeps on the floor because they think that’s normal.

We’re in a fight for our future folks. We’re in a fight for better health care. We’re in a fight for our families. We’re in a fight for our children. We’re in a fight for better wages, better jobs.

Together we can bring real lasting change.

Are you ready?

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