Kirsten Allen

MILWAUKEE – The Mahlon Mitchell for Wisconsin campaign released the following statements today:

“Like all of working Wisconsin, the people we represent need a Governor with a plan to win, to build worker power and raise wages across whole sectors of the economy.  Mahlon Mitchell brings a track record of fighting and winning for working class people. As a movement activist, Mahlon Mitchell has marched and rallied with us in the fight for living wages and union rights.  As a candidate, Mahlon Mitchell has met with and listened to us to develop a real plan for what low-wage service sector workers need to build power and raise wages. We endorse Mahlon Mitchell for Governor because he will fight to build the power workers need to unrig the economy and raise wages, income and living standards.” – Peter Rickman, Executive Director, Milwaukee Area Service & Hospitality Workers Organization

“MASH and the hard working men and women they represent are the heart of our economy and as governor, I will ensure we bring them back to the table as we rebuild as Wisconsin that works for everyone. As we barrel toward August 14, I’m grateful we continue to earn the trust and endorsement of working Wisconsinites who are ready for change and willing work alongside me to deliver victory in August and November.” – Mahlon Mitchell, Candidate for Governor

The Milwaukee Area Service and Hospitality Workers Organization (MASH) is an organization of service and hospitality workers in Milwaukee focused on improving employment and workforce standards in our industries.

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