Kirsten Allen

MADISON – The Mahlon Mitchell for Wisconsin campaign released the following statements today:

“I am proud to endorse Mahlon Mitchell as the next Governor of Wisconsin. His bold, progressive plans to transform Wisconsin into a state where working people can make ends meet, Wisconsinites can get quality and affordable health care and public schools systems are no longer starving for resources will ripple across generations. Moreover, Mahlon is truly a son of Wisconsin, he is keenly aware of the issues facing the diverse communities across our state and uniquely qualified to address them. In August the choice is clear: Mahlon Mitchell will be a Governor that leaves no one behind.” – John Tate II, Alderman, City of Racine

“The city of Racine is made greater thanks to dedicated public servants like John. He is critical in the fight for family-supporting jobs and I look forward to campaigning alongside him in Racine and the surrounding communities as we look toward victory in August and November.” – Mahlon Mitchell, Candidate for Governor

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