Shyla Deacon – Communications Secretary

MILWAUKEE COUNTY – Democratic Party of Milwaukee County’s Chairman Christopher Walton announced today that the county party unanimously endorses Earnell Lucas in the upcoming Democratic Primary election for Milwaukee County Sheriff. The following are his remarks:

“As Chairman of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County, it is my great honor to announce our endorsement of Earnell Lucas to be the Democratic nominee for Milwaukee County Sheriff.  Earnell has the experience and judgment needed to restore trust in the Sheriff’s Office and is the only candidate in this race who represents the values of the Democratic Party.

“Earnell grew up on the North Side of Milwaukee and graduated from Rufus King High School.  He served 25 years in the Milwaukee Police Department, nearly making the ultimate sacrifice when he was shot in the line of duty. He returned to serving our community after making his recovery, eventually retiring as a captain. Earnell currently enjoys a successful career as a security executive for Major League Baseball.

“Earnell Lucas will bring a fresh approach to the Sheriff’s Office. He will return the office to the prestige it once held before leaders in the current administration tarnished its reputation and lost the public’s trust.  Earnell will restore that trust by leading an effective and accountable Sheriff’s Office that promotes public safety and protects individual rights.  That is why the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County unanimously endorses Earnell Lucas to be our nominee for Milwaukee County Sheriff.”

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