Cathy Myers has filed a complaint with the FEC against 1st CD Dem primary opponent Randy Bryce, alleging the ironworker used some $7,700 in campaign contributions to cover personal legal fees and satisfy a decade-old debt.

Bryce’s campaign didn’t comment on the issues outlined in the complaint, saying in a statement the focus is “on talking to voters about the issues in Southeast Wisconsin.”

The complaint comes after a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report this week shows Milwaukee-based law firm Halling & Cayo paid $4,246 to Bryce’s ex-girlfriend, Rhonda Slechta, after Bryce borrowed nearly $2,000 from her back in 2002 to buy a used car from a neighbor. Slechta later took the issue to small claims court, and when Bryce didn’t show up, was granted a default judgement in 2004.

Jeremy Levinson, an attorney with Halling & Cayo, delivered the check to Slechta in November, according to the report. Bryce’s campaign then paid the firm $7,704. on Jan. 30.

Levinson didn’t return an email seeking comment sent last night. But firm officials previously said the $7,704 payment wasn’t related to Slechta’s check, according to the report.

Myers stressed the need for “getting money out of politics and ending the culture of corruption in Washington” in a release yesterday.

“If political donors are paying for Randy Bryce’s past mistakes, all voters deserve to know that,” she said.

Bryce campaign spokeswoman Julia Savel responded: “Our campaign is focused on talking to voters about the issues in Southeast Wisconsin, and we hope all the candidates in the race for the First Congressional District do the same. We are in construction, not demolition.”

See Myers’ release:

See the Journal Sentinel report:

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