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Myers is a Janesville School Board Member and 24-year veteran high school teacher running to represent Wisconsin’s 1st District in Congress

Janesville, WI –Cathy Myers, a Janesville School Board Member and Democrat running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st District, announced today the endorsement of the National Organization for Women (NOW).

Founded in 1966, NOW advocates for women’s equality with a focus on access to reproductive health services, domestic violence protections, constitutional rights, ending racism and promoting diversity, LGBT rights, and economic justice for women in the workplace.

Wisconsin chapter president, Lindsay Lemmer stated: “Cathy Myers has spent her career elevating the status of women, from being part of the first full class of women to attend Westminster College, to her extensive volunteer work empowering women in her community, to her work on the Janesville School Board. As the twice-elected commissioner of the Janesville School Board and as a high school teacher, she has worked tirelessly to improve outcomes for the next generation of Wisconsinites. She’s led on initiatives reducing discrimination and protecting the civil rights of the youth in her community.” NOW’s full statement is available here.

Cathy Myers responded to the endorsement by saying, “I have stood with NOW members on the front lines in the fight for abortion rights, LGBT equality, equal pay, domestic violence protections, and racial justice. I am proud that they are joining our campaign to replace Paul Ryan and send another progressive woman to Congress!”

Cathy Myers is a single mother of two and 24-year veteran high school teacher who is currently serving her second term on the Janesville School Board.

Learn more about Cathy’s campaign on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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