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Myers’ plan calls for $15 minimum wage, protecting small businesses by breaking up monopolies, and a universal basic income

Janesville, WI –Cathy Myers, a Janesville School Board Member and Democrat running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st District, announced today her plan to raise wages and rebuild the middle class. It includes support for a $15 minimum wage, protecting unions, investing in our crumbling infrastructure, enforcing antitrust laws, and a universal basic income.

Read the full plan here.

 “Congress has allowed wealthy donors and large corporations to write the rules of our economy for too long. It’s time for a Congress that is forward-thinking, stands up for small businesses, protects consumers from predatory corporations, and puts American workers first,” Myers said.

Cathy Myers is one of the first candidates in the country to announce support for a universal basic income to protect the one-third of American workers whose jobs are projected to be displaced due to automation by 2030.

“We are in the midst of a technological revolution that has the potential to reshape our economy and world, but Congress has been unwilling to address this reality. We need to be prepared to protect working families when jobs are lost due to automation. I support investing in education to retrain workers for new careers and a modest universal basic income to ensure that no American is left behind,” Myers said.

Cathy Myers is a 24-year veteran high school teacher who has served as a member of the Janesville School Board since 2013. Her campaign has raised over $1 million from more than 40,000 grassroots contributions with an average donation of just $25.

Learn more about Cathy’s campaign on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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