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Janesville, WI – This morning, election experts from the University of Virginia announced that the growing wave of support for Democrats across the country is threatening even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s Congressional seat.

Sabato’s Crystal Ball rates every House seat nationwide and, for the first time, has downgraded Paul Ryan’s seat from “Safely Republican” to “Likely Republican.”

Paul Ryan is being challenged by two Democratic candidates – Cathy Myers and Randy Bryce – who will face off in Wisconsin’s August 14th Primary.

Myers responded to the news, “Election experts are beginning to notice what we’ve known all along – this is the year we beat Paul Ryan! I’m from Janesville, so I knew getting into this race how hard I would have to work to beat Paul Ryan, but I’m willing to do it because I know I’m the candidate who can get the job done.”

Cathy Myers, a 24-year teacher and two-term elected official, has represented Paul Ryan as a member of the Janesville School Board since 2013. Randy Bryce, a 20-year ironworker and three-time candidate, has never won a primary and lost three elections overall with less than 40% of the vote.

Bryce began his campaign with a viral video that earned him fame on Twitter, but local voters in Wisconsin’s First District are rallying around Cathy Myers. Although her primary opponent has more celebrity endorsements, Myers has earned over 20 endorsements from local elected officials in the district and has shown the type of grassroots energy it will take to replace the Speaker of the House.

Myers said, “We have organized over 300,000 active supporters who are ready to beat Paul Ryan! We’ve hosted packed house parties throughout the district, our new TV ad has been viewed over a million times online, and we’ve raised over $300,000 in just the last two weeks!”

Myers concluded, “Democrats across the country are rallying behind my campaign because they know I’m the candidate who has what it takes to beat the Speaker of the House.”

You can learn more about Cathy Myers’ campaign on her websiteFacebook, and Twitter.

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