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Myers calls on Bryce to account for campaign funds that appear to have been used to pay off his personal debt

Racine, WI – Today, Cathy Myers announced that she has filed an FEC complaint against her primary opponent in Wisconsin’s 1st District, Randy Bryce, for converting campaign funds to personal use based on new reporting this week from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Read the full complaint here.

Randy Bryce accepted campaign contributions from individuals who expected their donations to be used to defeat Paul Ryan, but it appears that a portion of his campaign funds have been used to pay off personal legal fees and a 13-year-old court judgment owed to an ex-girlfriend, Rhonda Slechta, stemming from a car loan he refused to repay for over 15 years.

Before the judgment was satisfied, Slechta said of Bryce, “I helped Randy when he was making horrible life choices and, in return, he screwed me over . . . I was, and still am, a single working mother who works hard to pay my mortgage, send my son to school and always pay my bills.”

Cathy Myers explained why she felt an FEC complaint was necessary, “There is bipartisan support for getting money out of politics and ending the culture of corruption in Washington, so we need to hold our leaders to the highest standards, regardless of party affiliation. If political donors are paying for Randy Bryce’s past mistakes, all voters deserve to know that.”

Myers continued, “I have never been afraid to speak truth to power, and I will be an outspoken, independent voice in Congress against corruption and the corrosive influence of money in politics.”

Cathy Myers is a 24-year veteran high school teacher who has served as a member of the Janesville School Board since 2013. Her campaign has raised over $1.1 million from more than 50,000 individual grassroots contributions with an average donation of just $23.

Learn more about Cathy’s campaign on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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