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(262) 455-1542

Janesville, WI – Today, Cathy Myers joined a crowd of hundreds in Racine to demand that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan call a vote on the DREAM Act.

A group of local leaders, including Cathy Myers, were arrested for obstructing the intersection at 6th and Main St in Racine outside of Paul Ryan’s office.

Live video of the arrests is available here.

Myers explained her decision to get arrested, “I got a call from a young DREAMer from Racine who asked me to participate in this civil disobedience and I did not hesitate. It was an honor to be in a position to support her. I will do anything in my power to protect DREAMers and their families from Trump’s racist immigration policies.”

Myers continued, “Paul Ryan has promised to protect DREAMers, but when they have needed him the most, he has ignored them. I hope our action today will make it clear that we will not allow Paul Ryan to ignore DREAMers any longer. He needs to do a job and allow a vote on a clean DREAM Act.”

You can learn more about Cathy Myers’ campaign on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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