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Janesville, WI – Today, Cathy Myers released a new campaign video that sends a clear message to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and her Democratic Primary opponent, Randy Bryce: Women will not be ignored in 2018.

WATCH the video here.

Cathy Myers is a single mother of two, 24-year high school teacher, and two-term elected official who currently represents Paul Ryan as a member of the Janesville School Board.

Over 400 women are running for Congress in 2018, the most in history, and Myers becomes the first to release a video that encapsulates the power of the women-led movements that have defined Democratic politics and motivated thousands of women to run for local, state, and national office since the 2016 election.

Myers explained, “My story is not unique. I was inspired to run by women like me across the country who have stood up and raised their voices in unison to demand a Congress that is willing to protect our kids and respond to the needs of our families.”

She continued, “Paul Ryan represents the billionaires and corporations that fund his campaigns, I’m running to replace him because voters deserve a representative who will serve them.”

Cathy Myers has received over 20,000 contributions totaling nearly $500,000. You can learn more about Myers’ campaign on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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