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Lindsay Lemmer
President, Wisconsin chapter of the National Organization for Women
President, Madison chapter of the National Organization for Women

Madison, Wis. The Madison and Wisconsin chapters of the National Organization for Women announced their endorsement of Shelia Stubbs for the 77th District seat of the Wisconsin State Assembly. Chapters president Lindsay Lemmer released the following statements.

“Shelia Stubbs is a tireless fighter for what is right whose work as an advocate, a neighborhood organizer, and an elected leader have been marked by outstanding service standing up for her community and advancing equality for all. She offers the passionate, new leadership we are looking for and her exceptional experience, bold priorities, and record of leadership demonstrate that she will be making a positive contribution in the State Assembly, starting on day one.

She has accomplished so much for her community on the county board and we know this bodes very well for what she will accomplish in the Wisconsin State Assembly. Her time on the county board has been spent championing issues that are of extreme importance to her constituents and to Wisconsin women and families. She has fought for county funding for Planned Parenthood; supported providing designated private space for nursing mothers in public buildings owned and operated by the county; supported providing menstrual products in restrooms; and supported raising the minimum wage to $15.

Shelia Stubbs has also:

  • Implemented equity standardization county-wide.

  • Expanded the community restorative justice court which keeps young children out of jail while holding them accountable for their behavior.

  • Worked for, and won, mandatory sexual harassment training for all county employees.

Both the Madison and Wisconsin chapters of NOW are very pleased to support Shelia Stubbs for Wisconsin State Assembly.”

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