Contact: Nathan Conrad

[Madison, Wis.] – In the wake of the Marathon County Board of Supervisors’ unanimous decision earlier this month to pass an ordinance that ensures mining would be conducted in a safe, sound, and responsible manner, the Natural Resource Development Association is highlighting an editorial first published in the Wausau Pilot and Review from Aquila Resources illustrating how the region can have environmental regulation and economic prosperity. Marathon County is facing an opportunity to embrace clean mining that would mean good-paying jobs and economic growth for local communities.

“I have enjoyed meeting with local leaders and residents in recent weeks,” writes Chantae Lessard of Aquila Resources, “and I was happy to see at an April 10 meeting of the Marathon County Board of Supervisors that the county is willing to try and find a balance between regulation and economic opportunity for its residents by unanimously approving an ordinance that ensures mining is conducted in a clean, safe, and responsible manner.

“While there is no guarantee a mine will be developed, we think it is important to form relationships in good faith and build trust with local residents in the event we discover a minable resource. We want to understand local residents’ concerns and work with them to make sure that if mining occurs in Marathon County that residents are comfortable with the direction of mining.

“Economic studies continue to show that mining can generate hundreds of permanent and indirect jobs in an area like Marathon County. Additionally, the tax revenue generated from an operating mine in the region could exceed millions annually for local, state, and federal governments – which means more funding for roads, schools, and other services essential to a community.”

Following this op-ed running in the Wausau Pilot & Review and other outreach in the region by supporters of mining, Marathon County officials amended their original mining ordinance to allow for sustainable mining to occur. The editorial can read HERE.

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