Contact: Nathan Conrad
[email protected]

[Madison, Wis.] – Today, Nathan Conrad, Communications Director for the Natural Resource Development Association released the following statement on SB 615:

“The Natural Resource Development Association applauds the Wisconsin State Assembly for taking action to address the necessary amendments to allow the moving forward of the Meteor Project. Meteor worked hand-in-hand with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for more than 30 months and developed a plan which is a win-win for a local farmer, the local economy, and the state’s environment. By the Assembly’s action yesterday, the Legislature moves closer to ensuring that a local farmer won’t have to clear cut his land, or lose his farm. This plan also allows hundreds of acres of high quality wetlands to be created or preserved for future fishermen, hunters, and sportsmen.

We think this is a great step forward and we know the residents of the Towns of Knapp and Grant look forward to a $75 million dollar increased tax base and opportunities that come with 100 long-term jobs. Hands down, anyone who enjoys nature and looks at this plan has to agree it is in the best interests of our State.”

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