Delavan, WI — Republican U.S. House candidate Paul Nehlen has just announced the date and location of a public debate to be held in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional district.

“The Wisconsin GOP has done their best to prevent me from speaking at any of their events, first barring me from the 2017 FallFest event in Burlington when I was the only announced candidate, well ahead of Paul Ryan stepping down, and several times since Ryan announced retirement, when a plethora of candidates then gathered enough signatures to be on the ballot,” stated Nehlen.

“Wisconsin residents are owed an election, not a selection,” Nehlen continued, “so I’ve taken it upon myself to lead the way by securing a venue and a debate moderator. We will not be so-called soliciting questions from the public ahead of the venue as the corrupt WisGOP does with the intent of distributing those questions to the *selected* candidate ahead of the event. The WisGOP has devolved not unlike the Clinton campaign when they conspired with CNN to prevent Bernie Sanders from gaining the nomination.”

“The moderator, a person of high integrity, will not be announced prior to the event due to security concerns. As we’ve seen with the disgusting treatment of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, we do not wish to subject a willing participant in the event to undue risk ahead of the event. Accordingly, there will be armed security at the venue.”

“This will be a public event but we will issue tickets to ensure that the crowd is comprised of residents, not trouble-making interlopers. Additionally, we will bar all board members of the 1st District GOP WI and their minions who pride themselves on barring Team Nehlen from attending any of the 1st District events.” Nehlen continued.

We have copied the campaigns of the following candidates as a courtesy to this announcement.

  1. Brad Boivin
  2. Nick Polce (even though he’s deep state and has lived in Wisconsin well less than a year)
  3. Jeremy Ryan
  4. Kevin Steen
  5. Bryan Steil

The debate will be held from 6:30 – 7:30 pm on Tuesday July 10th at the following address:

Delavan Community Park Building

1220 S. Shore Drive

Delavan, WI 53115

***Press should email for instructions to ensure a safe, smooth, constructive event for the residents of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional district.

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