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In an article written for Ben’s publication, Kassy Dillon further ingratiates herself as Ben’s philosemetic flying monkey, attacking none other than the GOP frontrunner in Virginia, Corey Stewart, for supporting my run against globalist NeverTrumper Paul Ryan.

Yes, Corey and I, two fervent Trump supporters, attended an inaugural celebration of Trump’s victory and we made favorable remarks about one another, about the America First agenda, about President Trump, and about President Trump’s supporters. That’s something Ben Shapiro can never honestly do: celebrate President Trump’s victory over open borders globalist shill Crooked Hillary Clinton.

I’m compelled to disavow open borders globalist shill Ben Shapiro for his incessant NeverTrump-ism, his overt antiWhite-ism, and his petulant IsraelFirst-ism.

Corey Stewart take note.

Recall, apostle John tells us in Chapter 20 of the Gospel, Jesus’ ethnically Jewish Christian disciples locked the door, not to protect against Romans in Roman controlled Jerusalem, but to protect against the Jews who had just days earlier murdered our Lord by Pilate’s hand.

Similarly, it is ethnically and religiously Jewish non-White Jews like Ben Shapiro who persecute Christians in Christian lands arguing for open borders, while simultaneously defending Israel’s well defended walls surrounding the Jewish ethnostate, the same ethnostate that deports non-ethnicly Jewish “infiltrators” (official Israeli term), andpersecutes Christians in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Israeli ethnostate.

Consistently undermining America First candidates, painting them as somehow “racist” as a means to distract from our purpose: law and order, and ridding this nation of illegal aliens, only shines the light on the trickery of Bolshevik neocons like Ben Shapiro.

If pro-White is “White supremacism,” what then is pro-Jewish, I like to ask?

America First candidates are wise to heed Benjamin Franklin’s warning that “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Ultimately, that is the Ben Shapiro’s of this world’s intent.

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