In my earlier statement regarding Paul Ryan’s retirement, I was trying to be polite. In light of his statement about me, however, he was obviously undeserving of such graciousness.

The reality is that Paul Ryan was a largely unaccomplished congressman, a disastrous vice presidential candidate, and a Speaker that furthered the agenda only of the donor class at the expense of the Republican base.

This is Paul Ryan’s legacy:

  • Funding every single bailout;
  • Fully funding Planned Parenthood;
  • Expanding and funding Common Core;
  • Enabling Puerto Rico’s gross financial malfeasance (to the tune of $73 billion);
  • Funding every dangerous third-world refugee and immigration plan Democrats demanded;
  • Failing to enact legislation to rein in the Marxist rot in the federal courts;
  • Failing to repeal Obamacare;
  • Cutting taxes for corporations that openly despise Republicans and are actively discriminating against them and censoring them off of the internet;
  • Condemning Republican voters who assemble peaceably to exercise their First Amendment rights, while refusing to condemn the communist domestic terrorist groups that violently attack them;
  • Passing the recent $1.5 trillion omnibus that failed to fund a continuous wall on our southern border, yet funded border walls for several other nations; and
  • Allowed our nation to be utterly overrun by illegal aliens, thereby imperiling our safety, squandering trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, and causing widespread societal dysfunction and disharmony.

Of the mere 109 bills and amendments Paul Ryan sponsored during his entire 20 years in the House, only three have become law. The first one renamed a post office in his district, the second one modified the excise tax on arrow shafts, and the third one established a $3 million presidential commission on “evidence-based policymaking” (whatever that means). Again, this is over a period of 20 years.

On a final note, Paul Ryan needs to resign as Speaker if he plans to serve out the rest of his term. Establishment Republicans on their way out the door notoriously try to curry favor with Democrats in order to increase their chances of obtaining lucrative private-sector employment. Jeff Flake is the most recent example of this, and his dishonorable, self-interested behavior has hamstrung the Party in the Senate. Because the Speaker wields such enormous power in the House, Paul Ryan would be capable of doing even more damage than a traitor such as Jeff Flake. If he refuses to step down as Speaker, he must be removed, and replaced with someone worthy of the post.

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