As I have said many times before, I was a supporter of Paul Ryan’s when I moved to Wisconsin in 2008, and remained so through the 2014 elections. It was in 2015, when I discovered Mr. Ryan was whipping votes for the horrible, job killing Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, that we parted ways and I threw my hat into the ring. That said, I wish Mr. Ryan health and prosperity in his retirement, and plenty of time with his family here in Wisconsin.

For all the things Paul Ryan accomplished, I think we can all agree that securing the border was not one of his priorities. Indeed, after twenty years in Congress, the border is still not secure. We need a well-defended double fence, or a wall, every step of the way from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean; otherwise, you cannot effectively deport anyone from this country. Just ask the Golvach or the Steinle families. They lost their children, Spencer and Kate, to 4x and 5x previously-deported criminal illegal aliens.

Moreover, beyond fighting for good bilateral trade deals to ensure American workers’ prosperity, and for the security of our great Nation and its citizens, I have introduced a revolutionary proposal to effectively extend Americans’ First Amendment free speech protections to major social media platforms. The proposal is called #ShallNotCensor, and it will put a stop to all of the Orwellian censorship that is being used to increasingly silence Republicans and unfairly influence elections in favor of Democrats. I remain the only candidate who has put forward a straightforward, light-touch federal statute that will guarantee the protection of lawful speech in what the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized as the new de facto public square. The importance of this issue cannot be overstated, as internet censorship by the left is an existential threat to the Republican Party.

Lastly, Wisconsin’s first congressional district deserves a Congressman who will listen to them. I have held twenty public town halls since last July, and will continue to do so regularly through the election. I look forward to having the opportunity over the coming months to convince the voters of WI-01 that I am the superior choice to bring positive change to Washington.


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