Contact: Josh Smith, Esq., Campaign Spokesman (@EmericaFirst)

Yesterday, Twitter banned me from its platform. I am the second GOP congressional candidate within one month to be banned for lawful speech from a major social media platform, which a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court recently acknowledged to be the new de facto public square.

This is the epitome of interfering with a federal election. Twitter is largely foreign-owned, and has partnered with the ADL — a pro-censorship extremist organization — to suppress right-wing political speech. In addition, we have reason to believe that, because of the content of one of my recent controversial tweets, the British government may also be involved in this unlawful election interference, by demanding Twitter suspend my account pursuant to its Orwellian “hate speech” laws. We will be filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission in the coming days, alleging violations by the aforementioned parties of federal election laws and regulations.

These are unprecedented, brazen acts of censorship by a corporate monopoly that controls a primary channel of public communication. It has severely compromised the integrity of our election processes, and Congress needs to hold public hearings and conduct a full investigation into these matters without delay. This communist-style speech control absolutely cannot be tolerated in an open and democratic society.

Paul Nehlen is a turnaround specialist, business executive, and inventor who started on the factory floor, who, with God’s grace and some determination, rose to lead Fortune 500 manufacturing businesses around the world. Nehlen challenged Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 2016 First Congressional District to stop Trans-Pacific Partnership and secure America’s border. He is waging the battle for Wisconsin’s workers, against the refugee resettlement racket, and lends his voice to the battle for America’s values.

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