New Baldwin TV ad charges Vukmir ‘working for the insurance companies’

The latest TV ad from U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, charges GOP rival Leah Vukmir has been “working for the insurance companies” in opposing a series of health measures.

The spot, the 19th of Baldwin’s re-election campaign, will run statewide, and the campaign said it’s putting six figures behind the ad.

It features a series of people who ask questions such as the one posed by a woman to open the spot, “Why would Leah Vukmir be one of the only legislators to vote against hearing aids for children?”

Two people follow up asking, “Why?”

Then a man asks, “Why would Leah Vukmir want to get rid of coverage for pre-existing conditions?”

A woman then asks, “Why would she block heart screenings for newborns?”

“Why?” a man asks.

Another asks, “Why would Leah Vukmir be the only one to oppose Alzheimer’s research?”

“Why would she vote over and over against mental health coverage?” a woman asks before three people ask “Why?” one after another.

A woman closes the spot, “It’s clear Leah Vukmir has been working for the insurance companies, not for us.”

The charge that Vukmir supports ending protections for those with pre-existing conditions has drawn sharp rebukes from the Brookfield Republican. She has called the charge a lie and said she’d throw herself in front of a truck before allowing those protections to go away.

But Baldwin and others have said Vukmir would be the deciding vote to repeal Obamacare, which now provides those protections.